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about us

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 Power-sem’s rapid development in the past 10 years, benefit from the joint efforts of all Power-sem people and strong support of our partners. Today, Power-sem Electronics get good situation of multi-brand and multi-project operation while beginning from single brand, single product and single project. All of the development we get should thanks to your sincere concern and help.

High-effective services team is considered as the basis of Power-sem. We always take mutual-benefit as our principle no matter what specialty and size your company has. Your support and trust is very important to us, since we hope to help you on expanding business and build good growth room. Growing with Power-sem, you can also increase benefits, enhance competiveness and promote reputation!

Therefore, Power-sem will give you strong support in terms of abroad product lines, perfect channel communications, advanced technical ability and high-effective services.  As the “Win-win Cooperation” has become the theme of business format, Power-sem would like to keep mutual-benefit relationships with all partners, including end customers, medias, distributors and even competitors.

In order to express the gratitude for your help and support, Power-sem sincerely invites all of you to join us. Let's work together under the basis of"win-win"co-operatin, and enjoy brighter future!

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