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about us

Company ProfileCorporate Culture Organization Developing Honor
Business Philosophy

“Win-win cooperation” is our behavioral guidelines;

“Longinquity honesty, pursuit limitless “is our business philosophy;

“Supply high-quality products by continuous innovation” is our eternal pursue;

“Strict conduct of quality management system standard of GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO 900 1:2000”is our guarantee for quality.


Our Strategy


Power-sem believes in the philosophy that excellent working team is the basis of enterprise development .Building a team of professional technical personals, sales talented person, finance and logistics talents is our primary target. And Power-sem always tries its best to equip with the best facilities and complete information management to face today’s much complicated market competition.



Power-sem continues to set our own brand image under the principle of “stronger and preciser”, which  

makes it become a reliable international brand within the industry.



Establishing leading position in domestic IGBT driver market, Power-sem will found branch offices in main economy district to bring our best services to almost customers.

Overseas marketing department will cooperate with local distributors in order to march the local market with lowest business cost by using their special advantage.

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