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Beijing Power-sem Electronic Technique Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001,which is a professional supplier focusing on developing,manufacturing and providing power electronic parts.Our Drives Department was established in 2003,which specialized in design and manufacture of IGBT drives.With the development of technique innovation,Power-sem has became a leader company in the IGBT driver industry in China.

Power-sem Drives Department specialized in design and manufacture of high-performance IGBT drivers and thyristor drivers. The production bases located in Changping Zhongguancun Science and TechnologyParkwhich is about25kmfrom downtown. On the basis of absorption of foreign advanced technique, Power-sem research and develop ASIC PD031,PD032 special used for IGBT and PDT 01 special used for thyristor modules by combination of ten-year experience and latest control skill in power electronics field, bringing IGBT Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to Chinese market for the first time.
With more than 10 series, PSHI-IGBT DRIVER has two main types: Play-plug PCB and Economically Compact ACEE. Power-sem offers intelligent IGBT driving products with peak current up to ±30A, voltage level up to 3300V to customers. Our products line covering high-level, medium-level and low-level market, for applications in electric locomotive, servo control, inversion welder,UPS,communication power supply, induction heating, wind power generation, solar power generation and so on. We have established a strategic alliance with thousands customers, and our products have been sold all over the world

Power-sem ElectronicsH.KCo.,Ltd is responsible for business overseas.

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